The Churchill Fellowship Report on Australian cerebral palsy provision is available to download here

Action Cerebral Palsy Chief Executive, Amanda Richardson, travelled to Australia, the world leader in cerebral palsy research, in the Autumn of 2018 as part of her Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship 2018 award. She was accompanied by Director of Communication and Policy, Caroline O’Shea.

They explored Australia’s pioneering intervention models for children with Cerebral Palsy, gaining a greater understanding of the impact the country’s cerebral palsy register has had on improving education and health provision for young people.

They examined how best practice in clinical techniques, technology and policy have improved outcomes for children with CP in Australia. Amanda and Caroline also used their time to investigate Australia’s CP register, assessing how easily one could be set up in the UK.

The award, which the Fellowship gives to “inspiring individuals who possess the passion and commitment to make a real difference”, comes following the launch of the charity’s ‘Identify Intervene Impact’ campaign, which aims to improve the early identification of cerebral palsy, to secure timely health and educational intervention to treat and manage it, and to ultimately better the outcomes of all children with the condition.

The report was launched at a special event at Speaker's House in the Palace of Westminster, on the 15th January 2019.