Cost of Cerebral Palsy

The financial impact of cerebral palsy is considerable both to the person with cerebral palsy, their family and the healthcare system.


Kruse et al (2009) estimated that the lifetime cost of cerebral palsy at $1.3 Million USD (approximately £990,000)  per person with cerebral palsy, although this is only based on a small sample and is probably an underestimate.

With approximately 165,000  people with CP in the UK (based on UK population data and a 1in 400 prevalence rate), the overall lifetime cost of cerebral palsy in the UK could be estimated at £160 Billion.

The costs associated with cerebral palsy  vary considerably with the cost increasing with the severity of impairment.

Petrou et al (2013) states, when looking at neurodisability as a whole  states that the annual cost of mild neurodisability is £831 per annum whereas severe impairment is estimated to cost £1662. 

Action Cerebral Palsy believes that effective early intervention represents not only the best outcome for children and their families but also the most cost effective use of increasingly scarce health and social care resources. Effective early intervention results in reduced financial burden for both the family and the state as a whole.