Need for Action

Too many children with cerebral palsy in the UK are being failed by provision that is fragmented and under-funded. Too few children receive the early and intensive intervention that can enable their full life potential.  


A Parliamentary inquiry, which was run by Action Cerebral Palsy in 2014, received almost 300 individual submissions from education and health professionals, those living with cerebral palsies and their carers.


The inquiry built a case for why more needs to  be done to support children and young people with cerebral palsies.

Subsequent research carried out by Action Cerebral Palsy shows that children continue to receive a postcode lottery of care across the UK and that too many children are not receiving the vital early intervention that they require.

The most prevalent issues are:
Insufficient specialist intervention for 0-2s
Health professionals and parents are unaware of what is available.
This leads to late diagnosis and missed opportunites.
Policy Change


A national register of children with cerebral palsy, with good data on the number of children identified with CP and the education, health and care provision available to support those children.


The introduction of best practice guidance for education and health professionals to ensure that children with cerebral palsy have their needs identified and supported.


Clear recommendations for clinicians that ensure that young children who have had complications around the time of their birth or other risk factors which may lead to CP undergo specific early screening protocols by specialist services  & paediatricians.